Over 15 years of Altium Designer™ Experience
PCB Design, Layout & Signal Integrity Services
2 - 60+ Layers
Controlled Impedance
RF and Microwave Circuits
UL Certified Laminates
High Density Interconnects
Mixed Dielectrics
Controlled Depth Back Drill
Vias In Pad
Blind & Buried Vias
Cu Filled Micro-Vias
Epoxy and Conductive Fill
Thick Panels Up to 0.400-in
Large Formats -> 24 X 48 in
Bonded Heat Sinks
Metal Cores
Plated Edges and Cavities
Commercial & Mil Quals
2 - 28 Layers
Complex Rigid/Flex
Epoxy Fillets
FR Acrylic
Adhesiveless Polymide
FR Polymide Thermomount
Looseleaf Construction
Bikini Coverlayer
Bookbinder Construction
Silver Epoxy Ink Shielding
Comercial and Mil Quals
- Consumer
- Automotive
- Power & Lighting
- Research & Development
- Test & Measurement
- RF & Wireless
- Military & Government
- Scientific ... and others
Quick Facts ..
Why Us? Customers say: because we are friendly, fast, dependable, and cost effective.
PCB Services: Layout, Design, Cost Analysis, Component Selection Assistance, Schematic Capture, Place and Route, Fabrication Assistance, Reverse Engineering, Signal Integrity, Fab and Assembly Liaison. 
History: Over 15 years of PCB design.
Specialization: Ultra Dense PCB s, High Speed Digital, Mixed Signal, Controlled Impedance, Analog, RF, and Special Materials.
Background & Training: RF, Electronics, Materials, Electromagnetics, Signal Integrity and, of course - PCB Design.
Tool Chest: Altium Designer, Protel, Various Mechanical and Solid CAD tools, Most Adobe Tools, Matlab, Multiple SPICE tools. Multiple RF and EM design tools. Polar Instruments. Importers for PADS, ORCAD, PCAD, etc.  Multiple GERBER and ODB++ CAM analyzers. Other tools available as needed.
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Schematic Capture
Place & Route
Signal Integrity